Identification of small and medium caliber cartridges by computer!

Recommended by the ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology’ (NIST)


NIST: standard!

The CartWinPro Team is proud and thankful on the fact that the United States ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology’ (NIST) recommended our CartWin Pro software as the standard Forensic Ballistic identification database.

CartWin Pro

CartWin Pro is a database program that was originally developed as a means of cataloguing cartridge collections. Now, after 25 years of development, it has evolved into a very fast graphic database in which information about ammunition can be stored both for collectors and professional users.

The program

CartWin Pro is menu driven. This makes operation very simple.
Input of measurements can be given in either the metric or English system, e.g. sizes in millimeters or inches, and weights in grams or grains.
The program consists of five main parts: caliber-, collection-, headstamp-, colorcode- and a manufacturers-database. These databases are linked to each other.
All items are displayed as drawings: in actual size or in any other desired enlargement, complete with all the measurements. These drawings can be printed, or copied by the clipboard facility of Windows to an other application like a word processor.
Special character fonts for Greek, Cyrillic and Arab characters are included as TrueType fonts.
Also various monograms like NATO homologation signs, broad arrows, stars, eagles and others are available.
Besides basic colors is the complete RAL-code supported for the identification of color code.
An example of the fonts CartWin Pro

Multi-lingual computer software

The program supports the Dutch, English, German and French language.
That means you can bring in your data in English and print it out in the French language by just one mouse click.

Technical information:

CartWin Pro is designed for use with small/medium caliber metallic cartridges (< 40 mm), not with grenades and fuses or old paper cartridges.

For operation of CartWin Pro the following system is required:

Any computer that runs Windows 10® / Windows 8® / Windows 7® / Vista® / XP® and with 2 Gb free diskspace. Every printer that is supported by Windows is suitable.

CartWin Pro is a product of Knap Visuals